Common Student Report Types

Daily and/or Weekly Behavior Report

Select either Summary By Day or Behavior List.

  • Summary By Day- a day-by-day summary of a student’s behaviors that separates positive and negative behaviors into columns, You also have the option to include a point or dollar total for each day.
    • Pros: A deep dive look into daily specifics for a student.
    • Con: This section takes up more room on the report than the Behavior List does.  

  • Behavior List-a chronological list of a student’s behaviors with behavior value, staff member who assigned the behavior, note (if attached), and date.
    • Pros: This section doesn’t take up much room on the report and provides a succinct behavior overview for the date range.
    • Cons: Positive and negative behaviors are not listed separately.

  • If you’re using the dollar system, you can also include Paycheck on this report, which provides a realistic looking paycheck with the current culture week’s balance.

You can determine the date range you want to use (daily or weekly) when you run the report.

Marking Period Summary Report

For a report that includes a long range view of a student’s behavior and/or academic record, you can select either Summary by Marking Period or Marking Period Details.

  • Summary by Marking Period--Summary by Marking Period will include all of the current school years’ marking periods that have occurred up to the current date. It will show marking period grades for each individual course a student is or was in. You can also include current and cumulative GPAs, as well as weekly behavior averages, and any specific behavior or consequence tallies you want to include.

  • Marking Period Details--This report will include each individual course a student is in for the single current marking period. You can include missing assignments and GPA. You can also include behavior and consequence tallies, as well as the most frequently recorded negative and positive behaviors for the marking period.



On any report, you can include one or more Add Your Own Text sections. This allows you to include customized text on your report.

Common uses for this section are:  

  1. to alert parents to how to read the report (e.g. “All students with paychecks above $100 are allowed to participate in Friday activities.”)
  2. to send up-to-date alerts to parents about school happenings (e.g. “Don’t forget to sign up for parent-teacher conferences by Friday, October 3rd!”)
  3. for questions that students are expected to respond to (e.g. “Based on this report, which behaviors do you want to improve upon for next week?” “What is your paycheck goal for the rest of the week?”)


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