Run a Student Report

Running a report allows you to print individual student reports for a chosen time period and group of students.

1. Go to Reports > Student Reports.

2. Click  to the far right of the report name.

3. Under Filter by Date and Type use the dropdowns to select:

Date Range: You can choose from the following pre-determined date ranges to run the report:

    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • This Week
    • Last Week
    • Current Culture Week
    • Last Culture Week
    • Any marking periods you have set up on your site

Sort By: You can select in which order you would like the reports to be printed. From the “Sort By” dropdown, you can choose to print reports alphabetically by student last name for the selected grade level, or you can print the reports in order of students’ default groups. (Printing by default group can make report distribution easier.)

Show Assessment & Skill Information From: This filter only applies if your report includes academic sections and you would like to only show assessment and skill data for a single course.  In most cases, you can skip this filter.

4. Under Filter Students, select the grade level and the group for which you wish to print reports. If you would like to print a report for a single student, you can select him or her from the student dropdown. Otherwise, reports will be generated for all students in the selected group.

5. Click the green button.

6. You will be brought to your browser’s print screen and can print the reports from there.



It is not currently possible to print reports for all students in a mixed-grade level group at the same time. You must first print one grade level within the group and then print the other grade levels separately. 


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