Mobile App: Groups and Smart Groups

In order to access a list of student groups you have access to, swipe right on the main screen, and a blue list containing Groups (your normal groups found on the Kickboard web app) & Smart Groups (called Consequence Rosters on the web app) will appear.

Smart Groups

Recording a behavior for a student has the potential to add that student to a consequence roster. Depending on your site’s configuration, certain behaviors, or combinations of behaviors, this will result in students being flagged for a certain consequence (e.g. After School Detention, Friday Funday). In the Kickboard App, these consequence rosters are referred to as Smart Groups. They’re smart because the students in that group will change automatically as needed based on your school’s specific settings.

Favorite Groups

Unique to the mobile app is the ability to choose your favorite groups. Favorite groups will appear at the top of the groups list for easy access.

Choosing your Favorite Groups

In order to mark a group as a favorite, tap the Edit button on the top right of the groups list. Outlines of stars will appear to the left of each group name. Tap the group you would like to favorite, and the star will fill in white. Favorite groups will now appear at the top of the groups list.


Reordering Favorite Groups

To rearrange the order of your favorite groups, tap the edit button, hold the three horizontal bars to the right of the group name, and drag the group to the desired position.


Mobile App: Settings 


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