Mobile App: Student and Group Profiles

Student Profiles

Student profiles can be accessed by either pressing and holding a student’s name in the Student Card View or tapping a student's name and then tapping the yellow “View Student’s Profile” tab. From the student profile view, you can view a specific student’s name, grade level, their current culture metric total, and Smart Group flags. A student’s positivity ratio by week, month, and year is also displayed here along with a student’s recent behavior history.

Group Profiles

Group profiles can be accessed by pressing and holding the Group card in the Student Card View. From the group profile, you can see the positivity ratio associated with the group as well as a list of any students in that group with Smart Group flags. The positivity ratio for the group as a whole is also displayed for the week, month, and year.

Positivity Ratios

Positivity ratios display the ratio of positive, negative, and neutral behaviors for a specific student or group as a percentage in pie charts. Compare the week, month, and year views in order to understand short term and long term trends in the student's behavior.


Mobile App: Groups and Smart Groups 



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