Mobile App: Student Card View


The Student Card View is the Kickboard mobile app home screen and displays all students within a specific selected Group. From this screen you can record behaviors for students and monitor which students are part of a Smart Group at a glance.  

Viewing Options

By tapping the gray box at the top left of the screen that says “Last Name,” you will be presented with sorting options for the student names. You can order the student names by Last Name, First Name, or their dollar/point balance. The student name cards will display a student’s full first name and the first initial of his or her last name.

Number in Student Name Card

The number in the top left corner of a specific Student Name Card indicates the student’s balance of school dollars or points. This balance will either be for the week, month, or year depending on your school’s Culture Metric settings.

Smart Group Flags

When a student is triggered to be added to a Smart Group (called Consequence Roster on the Kickboard website), a small colored flag will appear on the top right corner of his or her name card.

Mobile App: Recording Behaviors for Students 

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