School Setup: Staff Roster Template & Instructions

Staff Roster File Format Instructions

 In order to upload your teachers and staff to Kickboard, you will need to format your list of staff members to match the Kickboard Staff Roster Template. This section includes detailed instructions about how to get this file formatted properly.

Overview of the Kickboard Staff Roster Template


Click here to download the Kickboard Staff Roster Template:



This template is a .csv file that you should open with Microsoft Excel (in most cases, this is the default program for opening .csv files)


You will see that the file contains six column headers, as follows: 






Last Name

First Name

Role ID


External ID (optional)


When formatting your staff information, do not make any changes to these column headers.  Do not change their order, edit their text, or remove any of them.

Columns A & B: Last Name & First Name


Last Name and First Name are required fields, so every staff member must have information in both of these columns.


Each staff member should only be listed once (i.e. one row per staff member).



Pay special attention to the order of the staff names in the Kickboard Staff Roster Template (Last Name first, then First Name).



Kickboard will import the staff names exactly as they appear in the file file. In other words, if they are all caps or all lowercase, Kickboard will display the staff names that way.


Column C: Role ID


Role ID is a required field. Each staff member in Kickboard must be assigned a Role. The Role determines the permissions of the user (i.e. what the user can and cannot do) throughout the Kickboard site.

In the Role ID column, for each staff member enter one of the 3 possible Roles (Teacher, School Admin, Kickboard Admin). Here is a description of each Role in Kickboard:


Role ID



Teacher is the lowest level of permissions in Kickboard and is the appropriate role for the majority of your school staff.  

Teachers can enter, analyze, and report only on data for students and courses they have been assigned to.

Teachers cannot adjust any configuration settings on the site.

School Admin

School Admin is the middle level of permissions in Kickboard and is the appropriate role for most school leaders.

School Admins can enter, analyze, report on data for all students and staff at the schools they are assigned to. School Admins can also edit the student roster, edit the staff roster, and make some adjustments to site configurations (such as behaviors, courses, and marking periods).

School Admins cannot adjust any multi-school settings such as School Year or SIS Sync.

Kickboard Admin

Kickboard Admin is the highest level of permissions in Kickboard. This role should be reserved for only one or two people per school who are in charge of maintaining the Kickboard system.  

The Kickboard Admin has unlimited access to all students, courses, and staff, as well as all settings on the site for the school (or schools) to which they are assigned.  

Column D: Email


Email address is a required field.


An email address will allow each user to set their own password the first time they log in and to reset their password as needed.


Column E: External ID


External ID is an optional field for your staff members.


If your staff members are listed in your Student Information System with a unique ID number, use that number in this field.

Saving Your Staff Roster File


Once you have all the staff added to the Kickboard Staff Roster Template in the proper format, save the file to your computer in a place you will be able to find it easily when you are setting up your Kickboard site.



Be sure to save the file in .csv format (i.e. don’t change it to .xls or.xlsx).  When you save a .csv file in Excel, you will get a warning message that says “This workbook contains features that will not work or may be removed if you save it in the selected file format. Do you want to continue?” Everything is ok. Just click “Continue.”



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