School Setup: Student Roster Template & Instructions

Student Roster File Format Instructions


In order to upload your students to Kickboard, you will need to format your list of students to match the Kickboard Student Roster Template. This section includes detailed instructions about how to get this file formatted properly.

Overview of the Kickboard Student Roster Template


Download the Kickboard Student Roster Template at:



This template is a .csv file that you should open with Microsoft Excel (in most cases, this is the default program for opening .csv files)

You will see that the file contains six column headers, as follows:








First Name

Last Name


Group Name (optional)

Phone (optional)

External ID (optional)


When formatting your student information, do not make any changes to these column headers.  Do not change their order, edit their text, or remove any of them.

Columns A & B: First Name & Last Name


First Name and Last Name are both required fields, so every student must have information in both of these columns.



Pay special attention to the order of the student names in the Kickboard Student Roster Template (First Name first, then Last Name).


Kickboard will import the students’ names exactly as they appear in the file file. In other words, if they are all caps or all lowercase, Kickboard will display the students’ names that way.

Column C: Grade


Each student must have a grade level assigned to them. Here is a list of all the acceptable Grade levels and your options for formatting them:


Grade Level Description

Acceptable Formats
for the  Kickboard
Student Roster Template


-1 or PK


0 or K

First Grade

1 or 1st

Second Grade

2 or 2nd

Third Grade

3 or 3rd

Fourth Grade

4 or 4th

Fifth Grade

5 or 5th

Sixth Grade

6 or 6th

Seventh Grade

7 or 7th

Eighth Grade

8 or 8th

Ninth Grade

9 or 9th

Tenth Grade

10 or 10th

Eleventh Grade

11 or 11th

Twelfth Grade

12 or 12th

Column D: Group Name


Group Name is an optional field.


The student's homeroom is typically used as their default Group Name. After your site is setup, you will have the opportunity to assign students to additional groups.


If you leave this blank, Kickboard will automatically assign students to a default group based on their grade level, such as the "All 5th Graders" group.


In Kickboard the term “group” refers to how students are organized in your school. For example, groups can be homerooms, class period sections, or even afterschool clubs. Students can be in as many groups as they need to be, but they can only have one default group. The group listed on the student roster file will become the students default group. We will cover groups in more depth during training.

Column E: Phone Number


Phone Number is an optional field.


You may include phone numbers in any of these formats:





Column F: External ID


External ID is an optional field, but it is highly recommended. This will make doing mass updates to your student roster easier throughout the school year.


If you are getting your student roster from a Student Information System, you will include the unique ID number that is associated with each student in your SIS.  



Do not use Social Security numbers as your students' external IDs.


Saving Your Student Roster File


Once you have all of the students added to the Kickboard Student Roster Template, save the file to your computer in a place that you will be able to find it easily when you are setting up your Kickboard site.



Be sure to save the file in .csv format (i.e. don’t change it to .xls or.xlsx).  When you save a .csv file in Excel, you will get a warning message that says “This workbook contains features that will not work or may be removed if you save it in the selected file format. Do you want to continue?” Everything is ok. Just click “Continue.”

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