Standards: Adding Standards to a New Mastery Course


  1. Log on as KB admin or School Admin

  2. Go to Settings > Academics > Courses/Standards, then click Add Course


   3. Select a subject from the dropdown, or enter a new subject name

   4. Select a grade

   5. Select the green “next” button


   6. Using the tree, select the standards you would like to add to the new course.


7.   You should now see the selected standard(s) to the right of your screen. Selecting the x mark to the right of the standard name will remove it from the “Selected Standard(s)” box. Only standards shown in the “Selected Standards” box will be added.

8.    Select the green “Add Standards” button to proceed. The button will only be enabled if at least one standard is selected.  If you do not want to add standards at this time, select the grey “Cancel” button to navigate to

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