Courses/Skills: Creating a Mastery Course

Go to Settings > Courses/Skills > Add Course.




Edit your course settings:

Core: Core courses are courses that contribute to a student’s core GPA on the report card. Only Core courses are included in a student’s core GPA, though they also count towards the overall GPA. 

Thresholds: Thresholds are how mastery levels are determined. These color-coded thresholds allow for quick data analysis. New courses come preset with the default Mastery Thresholds. However, Kickboard gives you the flexibility to change the Mastery Thresholds and Grading Scales to fit individual course needs. You can customize each course to have up to 6 mastery thresholds and change the value and color code for each threshold.




Assessment Categories: In this section you can add new assessment categories:

Counts: If Counts is checked, assessments in that category will count towards students' final grade for that course. If Counts is not checked, the assessments will not count towards their final grade.

Active: Making a category inactive removes it as an option when adding a new Assessment Scorecard, though it will NOT delete or hide existing assessments. 




To learn how to add skills to your courses, click here.

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