Courses/Skills: Creating a Growth Course

Go to Settings > Courses/Skills > FireShot_Screen_Capture__162_-__Kickboard__-_tutorial_kickboardforteachers_com_courses_index.png:

  1. Create a name for your new course and select the appropriate grade level from the drop-down.
  2. Select the "Growth" radio box as the "Course Type" to continue creating the growth course.
  3. Select the appropriate default growth level from the list below or create your own by selecting the "Build My Own" option at the bottom.



Once you've added all of your course information, click FireShot_Screen_Capture__161_-__Kickboard__-_tutorial_kickboardforteachers_com_courses_add.png to proceed.


Edit your course settings: Growth Thresholds, Growth Goals, Growth Levels and Grade Level Equivalents

1. Growth Thresholds: Thresholds are how growth levels are determined. These color-coded thresholds allow for quick data analysis. New courses come preset with the default Thresholds. However, Kickboard gives you the flexibility to change Thresholds to fit individual course needs. 




2. Growth Goals: Identify the target date of the growth goal. This is the date by which you would like your students to achieve their goal.



3. Growth Levels and Grade Level Equivalents (GLE) for each level: You can choose to use one of the presets, or configure the levels to fit your needs. For every measure of growth, select the goal. 




Please keep in mind that Growth courses do not contribute towards GPA. 


To learn more on how to enter your Growth Course assessment data, click here.

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