Student Roster: Add Custom Data Fields to Student Profiles (Kickboard Admin Only)

As a Kickboard Admin, you can now create custom data fields on the Student Profile page to store extra data such as addresses, IEP status, bus info, or any other data you'd like to have at your fingertips!  Just click the blue Customize Student Data Fields link at the bottom of your Student Roster, and click Customize Student Data Fields.




When you get to the page, you can view your existing Custom Data fields and add more:



Not only can you create any fields you’d like, you can also control who has access to edit and view them, to keep confidential data confidential.  Check it out!



Then, to input this data for students, go to Students > Roster > Export > fill in the new columns > save the file.



Back in Kickboard, go to Students > Roster > Add or Upload Students > Upload > keep the File Format as Kickboard Export, Choose File > Upload.



 It's that simple!  Now, let us know what you think.  Click the thumbs up icon below if you found this article useful! 

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