Student Roster: Uploading Students for the First Time

There are two ways you can add students to your roster, either manually or by uploading a spreadsheet.  

Note: Only use these directions if there are no students in your school's roster. If you already have students in your roster, please follow these directions.


1. Navigate to Students in the navigation menu > select Roster from the dropdown > click "Add or Upload Students"




2. Select "Download New Students Template". This will generate a template .csv file. 


3. Open the .csv file and add First name, Last name, Grade, and Default Group. Optionally, you can fill in the other columns, but do not remove the extra column headers. Grade and Group Name (if you want students to be placed in previously created groups) must correspond exactly to existing names. To see a list of each group's name and grade(s), navigate to Students > Groups. 

**Note that grade must include "All Xth Graders"  (i.e. students will not be uploaded if user inputs '2' instead of '2nd' for grade level) The only exception to this is for K and PK**

Having trouble copying and pasting students into the right columns? Click here for hints!


4. Save the .csv file under a name that you will remember and in a folder where you can retrieve it easily.

5. Click "Upload".

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