Student Roster: Help! My roster won't upload!

Don't worry! Use this troubleshooting checklist.

  1. Are you using the right upload template? If you're adding students for the first time (i.e. there are no students in your account), you'll add your students to the New Students template. If you're adding new students to an existing roster, you'll add your students using the Student Roster Export template.
  2. Do your Group Names match the names of the Groups you created earlier? They need to match identically. For example, if you want to put students into a group called 3rd Period, you must put 3rd Period in that field. 3 or 3rd will not be recognized.
  3. Have you tried using a different browser? If you're using a version of Internet Explorer older than version 8.0, upgrade to the newest version or, better yet, use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Are you uploading a .csv file? If you inadvertently saved your file as an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx), the template won't upload correctly.
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