Behaviors: Creating Bank Purchase Behaviors


Creating Bank Purchase Behaviors


Once the Points Banking System is activated, you will be able to create your first Bank Purchase behavior by following these steps:

  1. Go to Culture → Behaviors

  2. Click Add Behavior

  3. In the Description field, type the behavior name. Be sure to include the point total in the description. Here are some examples:

    • $25 Purchase

    • School Store Purchase- $10

    • Auction Purchase- 50 points

  4. Click Create a new category to make a behavior category for your Bank Purchase behaviors. Common category names include “School Store” or “Purchases.”

  5. In the points field (either dollars or merits), input the size of this Bank Purchase deduction. Be sure to make it a negative (-) number.

  6. Click Show Advanced Options

  7. Check the box next to Bank Purchase Behavior

  8. Click Add Behavior



Since each behavior must be assigned a particular point value, you will need to create multiple Bank Purchase behaviors in different denominations that make sense for your school.  Follow the steps above to create as many Bank Purchase behaviors as you need, making sure to add them to your newly created behavior category which will now be available in the Behavior Category dropdown list.


Before you start tracking these behaviors, you'll want to check your students Bank Balances to see what they can spend.



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