Assessment Scorecards: Entering Scores by Question

To enter scores by question, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Academics > Assessment Scorecards.
  2. Select a Course from the drop-down and click Screen_Shot_2014-03-26_at_4.53.11_PM.png
  3. On the Assessment Details page, select Enter Scores by Question.  
  4. By default, the possible answer choices will be A, B, C, D, E, but you can change them to fit your Assessment by changing the text in the boxes. For example: Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_2.15.00_PM.png
  5. Search for skills in the drop-down by typing in the name or skill number in the text-box within the drop-down. You can add more questions by typing in the number and clicking Add. Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_2.10.22_PM.png.
  6. Fill in the points possible and optionally a Correct Answer for each question. Click Next.        Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_2.27.34_PM.png

      In order to create a bubblesheet, all of your questions must have an answer specified. 

  7. Choose which Students or Groups you'd like to assess on the Add Students to Assessment page. Click Next. 

  8. On the Edit Student Scores page, you can either manually enter the number of points each student earned for each question or use our new GradeCam Scanner!
    1. If you manually enter scores, you can use your tab and arrow keys to quickly move between cells. When you navigate to the next cell, a box will pop up letting you know that the score has been saved. Repeat for all students, and your data will be automatically updated and ready for Academic Analysis!


        If you leave a question blank for a student, that question will not be counted against him/her. To have the question count against the student, enter a zero into the cell. 

    2. If you want to use the Scanning feature, first click the Screen_Shot_2014-03-28_at_3.17.14_PM.png icon in the upper right corner to print bubblesheets for the students that you have selected to be in the Assessment. 
    3. Next, click the Screen_Shot_2014-03-28_at_2.53.18_PM.png icon in the upper right corner to initiate the scanner.
    4. Position a filled in bubblesheet in front of your camera one at a time and it will automatically fill in the student's answers and display the student’s score.
    5. To clear the screen, select the “Next” button. This can come in handy if you have your students scanning their own bubble sheets and want to protect the privacy of each student’s grade. ***Note: Selecting”Next” is optional. You can simply hold a new bubble sheet up to the screen and the score will be scanned into the system.


        While scanning, questions without answers will be recorded as zeros and will count against
      the student. Similarly, if the student fills in two bubbles on the same question, it will be recorded
      as a zero. You can always manually modify the entry after scanning in the case of a student
      having changed their response.

Before you can use the scanner for the first time, you must download the GradeCam plugin.

1. Click the Screen_Shot_2014-03-28_at_2.53.18_PM.png icon in the upper right corner and you will see this:


2. Click "Install the GradeCam Plugin" and you will be redirected to the GradeCam website where it will walk you through the download process.                     



  To see if your camera will work with GradeCam, click here

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