Assessment Scorecards: Entering Scores by Skill

To enter scores by skill, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Academics > Assessment Scorecards.
  2. Select a Course from the drop-down and click Screen_Shot_2014-03-26_at_4.53.11_PM.png
  3. On the Assessment Details page, Enter Scores by Skill will be selected by default.  
  4. Choose your skills and fill in the points possible for each skill. Search for skills in the drop-down by typing in the name or skill number in the text-box within the drop-down. For a multiple choice assessment, many of our schools use the rule of thumb that one question is worth one point. This may vary with more complex open response questions. You can add more skills by typing in the number and clicking Add. Screen_Shot_2014-03-26_at_5.09.45_PM.png. Click Next.
  5. Choose which Students or Groups you'd like to assess on the Add Students to Assessment page. Click Next. 

  6. Lastly, on the Edit Student Scores page, enter the number of points each student earned for each skill. When you navigate to the next cell, a box will pop up letting you know that the score has been saved. Repeat for all students, and your data will be automatically updated and ready for Academic Analysis!    


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