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Get more out of your data by uploading an Assessment Item Report from EduSoft! Because this will allow you to see student mastery for each skill and question, you will be able to do more detailed question-level and distractor analysis.

To download an Assessment Item Report from EduSoft:

1. Select Item Analysis under Benchmark Exams and then select Item Response Report.



2. Select your Assessment.



3. Set your General Report Options. Make sure Multiple Choice and Long answer are checked. If you don’t have a Multiple Choice or Long Answer section, that box won’t appear. Make sure the Include State ID box is not checked.



4. Select Spreadsheet. Download the report and save it in a place that you'll remember. The report must be in .xls format!



Before you start uploading your report:

1. Make sure student names in Kickboard identically match those in EduSoft. If there are discrepancies, Kickboard will not be able recognize your students in the Assessment Item Report and will not upload those students' scores.

2. Make sure all of the skills on the assessment have been added to Kickboard. You won't be able to upload your scores if any of the skills the assessment covers haven't been added.

To upload a report:

1. Go to Academics > Assessment Scorecards > Create New Scorecard.

2. Enter assessment details (name, date, category).

3. Select "Upload a spreadsheet" under "How will you enter students' scores?".




4. Align each question to the skill it assesses. For example, if question 1 assesses the skill called "GLE 1 Sample", use the drop down menu next to 1 to select this skill. 




You'll need to align each question to a skill, even if it is a skill that is assessed by another question. If you're entering an assessment with 20 questions, you'll need to have 20 rows. 

5. Select Edusoft as File Type (see sample file below). Any students who do not have scores on an uploaded scorecard will receive zeroes. To prevent this, you can delete the absent students from the file before you upload (delete their row of data completely). You can add new students' scores at anytime by adding them to the file and re-uploading it to Kickboard.  

6. "Under Student ID Type in File", click "NO ID, Student Name Only".




7. Upload the saved report.



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