Assessment Scorecards: Kickboard Template Uploadable Scorecard

Get more out of your data by uploading your students' scores! When you upload a spreadsheet you will be able to see student mastery for an assessment or skill, PLUS question level analysis & distractors.

We're compatible with Edusoft, Remark, and Gradecam/Bubble score. If you already use these, click here and for third-party software specifics. If not, no need to worry! Keep following along for how to use the Kickboard Scorecard.


To use the Kickboard Uploadable Scorecard:

1. Go to Academics > Assessment Scorecards > Create New Scorecard.

2. Enter assessment details (name, date, category).

3. Select Upload a Spreadsheet as the file type.

4. Assign a skill to each question on your assessment. Unlike a manual scorecard where you only enter each skill once, when you upload a scorecard, each question has to be assigned to a skill, even if it is the same skill. So if your assessment had 20 questions, you would need to list out the skill that corresponds with EACH question on your assessment.

5. Next to the Kickboard option, click (save time! download the template pre-loaded with your students). Any students who do not have scores on an uploaded scorecard will receive zeroes. To prevent this, you can delete the absent students from the file before you upload. You can add new students' scores at anytime.  Follow the instructions to fill out your Kickboard Uploadable Scorecard, save file as the name of your assessment.


6. Back in Kickboard, choose Kickboard as the file type.

7. Under Student ID Type in File, click Kickboard ID.

8. Upload your saved Kickboard Uploadable Scorecard.




Learn more about the difference between manually entered and uploaded scorecards here.  

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