Assessment Scorecards: Edit an Assessment Scorecard

To edit an existing Assessment Scorecard:

1. Navigate to Academics > Assessment Scorecards > click edit pencil for the assessment you'd like to edit.

2. On the next page you can enter or edit scores:



To edit the Assessment Details, such as the selected skills and points possible, click Edit Details:




To add or delete an assessment question click "Edit Details".  Click that link and it will bring you to the "Edit Assessment Details" edit page.  Scroll down to the question you want to delete and click the "X" to the far right of it, click next and then update. 





To add a student to a scorecard, click the Add Students link:




To delete a student from a scorecard, locate the student > check the box next to the student’s name > click the “X”:   



Go back to the Assessment Scorecard Overview.

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