Groups: Groups Page Overview


Groups Page Overview


Go to Students → Groups

1.  You can filter this page to view All groups, Active groups, or Inactive groups.

2.  Choosing My Groups will filter the groups list to show only the groups of which you are a member.

3.  The person icon next to a group’s name indicates that you are a member of this group.

4.  The asterisk next to the groups grade denotes that the group is a smart grade group.

5.  The Number of Students column will show the current total number of students in each group.

6.  Hover over the action cog to select actions for specific groups:

  • Edit group
  • Add me to group (if you are not already a member)
  • Remove me from group (if you are a member and do not need to be)
  • Delete (if you are a Kickboard administrator)


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