Groups: Deleting a Group

  1. Deactivating or Deleting a Group


    Deactivating a group makes it unavailable throughout Kickboard. Any staff member can deactivate a group, but it can easily be reactivated.


    Deleting a group is a permanent action. Once a group has been deleted, it cannot be recovered and must be rebuilt. Only administrators have permission to delete groups on Kickboard.



    Deleting, deactivating, or editing a group does not affect any of the data attached to the students in that group, but only removes them from that particular grouping.

    Step 1: Go to Students → Groups


    Step 2: Hover over the action cog and select Edit



    To deactivate a group - uncheck the box next to Active and click Save.


    To permanently delete a group - select Delete on the Edit Group page and choose Yes in the warning pop-up. You can also choose Delete using the Action cog on the Groups list.






    Groups can only be deleted when they are not a default group for any students.

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