Groups: Create a Group Manually

Manually Creating a Group


Step 1: Go to Students → Groups


Step 2: Click the green Create a New Group button  



Step 3: Fill in the group information:

  1. Enter a name for the group.

  2. [OPTIONAL] Check the box "Automatically add grade students" to enable the Smart Grade Group feature. 
  3. [OPTIONAL] Enter the external ID for this group (if syncing student class enrollment from your SIS).


Step 4: Select the students who belong in the group:

  1. Clicking the grey arrow to expand a grade level.

  2. Ensure that only students who belong in the group have a blue check next to their name. You can uncheck the box next to the grade level to deselect (or select) all students at once.

  3. [OPTIONAL] Check the Default Group checkbox if this group will be the default group for the students in it.





Default groups will be listed next to a student’s name on many pages of the site. It will also be the group a student is in when reports are printed off of Kickboard. It can be helpful to think of default groups like homerooms.

Step 5: Select the staff members who will need access to the group:

  1. Click the grey arrows to expand each staff list.

  2. Ensure that only staff members who need access to the group have a blue check next to their name.



Step 6: Save the group by clicking the blue Create New Group button in the top right of the page



Only users with School or Kickboard Admin permissions can add or remove staff from a group. However, Teachers can add themselves to a group at any time.

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