TFA: How to Setup an ACT Growth Course

Setting up an ACT growth course 


For instructions about creating a growth course in general, click here


Here are the specific instructions for creating an ACT growth course:


Go to Settings → Academics → Courses/Standards → Add Course

  • Subject name

  • Grade level

  • Growth course (NOT mastery)

  • Check off Build My Own

  • Next

Scroll to Growth GOALS

  • Click Add new growth goal

  • Name: End of Year

  • Date: last day of school

  • ADD

Scroll to Growth LEVELS and Grade Level Equivalents

  • Click Add new growth level

  • GLEs are possible ACT scores

  • Add all ACT scores one at a time

  • Begin with your lowest diagnostic score and go up by 1 from there

    • i.e. my lowest student scored an 8, so I put “8” in Level and GLE and click ADD. Then “9”… “10”….

  • Click ADD after filling in each level

  • Continue to add levels until all possible ACT scores are included on the list

  • Assign GOALS for each level (drop-down menu under Goal: End of Year)

  • Assign yourself as staff

  • Update course

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