TFA - Using an Efficiency Sheet for Easy Tracking

An efficiency sheet provides an easy way for you to grade and track simultaneously.

Some brief context.

Grading is just correcting students’ answers on each question, adding up the points earned, and dividing it by the points possible to get each students’ grade on the test (e.g. 88% for a B+, depending on your scale).

Tracking is determining how students performed on each skill that the test assessed. Rather than simply telling you that a student got 80% of the points possible on a quiz, tracking will show you that the student got 100% on one skill, 80% on the second, and 60% on the third. Grading tells you how your students performed on the test, but tracking tells you what your students actually learned, what they struggled on, and, therefore, what to reteach.

So, how can you track and grade at the same time? An efficiency sheet!

An efficiency sheet is a table with a column for your students’ names and one column for each of the skills an assessment covers. In the column header you’ll label each skill and identify the questions that assess them. Here’s an example below.


If we assume that each question is worth one point, we know that the assessment is worth 8 total points.

You’ll use the efficiency sheet when you’re grading. As you correct each question, you’ll mark every point earned in the correct place in the table. For example, if Jessie gets question 7 correct, you’ll mark a tally under Skill 3 in her row. After you grade each question and mark a tally for every point earned, you will have also finished your tracking. Boom!

When you enter your assessment scores for each student into Kickboard, you’ll enter the sum of the tallies in each column into the appropriate text box.


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