TFA: Using the Multiple-Skills View to Analyze Data for Exam Prep

You can use the data you collect in Kickboard to take a targeted approach to exam preparation. Here are two concrete tactics you can try.

  1. Spiraling even before you begin a formal, structured review. As your mid-terms or benchmark assessments approach, you can start incorporating review activities into your instruction of new material . If your students have consistently struggled with a few skills, try doing warm-up activities that review them. To measure the effectiveness of your spiraling for a given skill, add a question about it to an exit slip and track it in Kickboard.
  2. Heterogeneous small groups. Once you’ve started your formal review, another approach to try is creating heterogeneous groupings for small group work. To do this, you’ll create groups that combine students who have excelled with students who have struggled. By doing so, you can give the former group the opportunity to share their knowledge with the latter. Having a resident “expert” also enables these groups to work through their work with greater autonomy.

There are numerous other ways you can use data to prepare for your exams (we’d love to hear about them!). No matter what strategies you use, you’ll need to able to analyze your students’ standards mastery.

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