Report Cards Frequently Asked Questions

I entered new grades for some of my students, but when I went to add the comments to my report card, the grades were not updated?

When making adjustments to students grades, you must rebuild the report card set in order for these changes to be made visible on the report card.  The rebuild function, takes all of the most up to date data for that specific marking period and updates it to the active report card set.  

Why am I unable to enter report cards comments?

The inability to enter report card comments can be caused by a number of things.

  1. An administrator may have locked the report cards for edits.

  2. Another report card set was built causing the original one to be locked.

When I rebuild a report card, will any of my comments get deleted?

When you rebuild a report card none of your comments will get deleted.  When rebuilding a report card, it takes all of the most up to date grades from that specific marking period and applies them to the report card set.

If I start over and create a new Q1 report card set, will my old Q1 report card still be active with all the grades, comments, etc.?

No, once you build a new report card set for the same quarter, the new set will override the old one and all of your data in the original set will be deleted.  

How do I keep the same format for all of my report cards like I created in Q1?

 To keep the same format for all of your report cards, at the end of the report card building wizard at the bottom of the page there is a message that says “Use this report card as a template for all future sets”.  Make sure you check off that box and click the green “Save report card set” button.  


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