Report Cards: How to Review, Enter Comments, Rebuild and Print Your Report Cards

To get started, go to Academics > Report Cards. Here you will find options to Review & Comment, Edit, Rebuild and Print.


1. Review & Comment: Enter comments or other extra data sets that are to be entered manually.  Teachers and admins both have access to this option.

2. Close/Open: Close your report card to comments in order to prevent teachers from entering comments after you have finalized your report cards. Open then again if you need to allow comments to be entered again.

3. Edit: Make edits to your report cards (e.g. changing your header or how grades are displayed). Only admin have access to this option.

4. Rebuild: If you've added a skill to an assessment or changed a student's score on an assessment AFTER building your report card set, use the Rebuild option to recalculate the skill mastery or student's score for that course.  This option is only available to admin.

5. Print: When you are ready to print!

 *Please Note*

 • Rebuild will NOT delete skills from the original report card set.  The only way to delete a skill would be to delete that skill from all assessments and build a NEW report card set.

 • Rebuild also works for growth courses! Add diagnostic scores and rebuild the appropriate Growth Courses and the Student Growth scores will be added to Report Cards.


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