Parent Student Portal: Removing a student from the portal

In the event that a parent does not want their child’s information on the portal, you can remove the student from the portal by performing the following steps:

  1. Log into Kickboard as an Admin or Kickboard Admin.
  2. Click on Students > Roster.
  3. Click Profile  Screen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_3.11.15_PM.png next to the student for whom you need to reset access.
  4. Click EditScreen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_2.41.27_PM.png next to the student’s name.


Kickboard – Edit Student

  1. Uncheck the Student active for this username checkbox. Screen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_3.28.46_PM.png
  2. Click the Save button. Screen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_3.17.01_PM.png


The student’s information will now be excluded from the Parent Student Portal. The next time the parent tries to log in, they will receive a message stating that their account is not active.


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