Parent Student Portal: Creating access letters

Once you have set up the Parent Student Portal for your school, you can now create access letters to send home to parents with instructions for account creation and their unique access code.  To create the access letters, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Kickboard as an Admin or Kickboard Admin.
  2. Hover over Settings > Site and School Settings.
  3. Click on Parent and Student Access.

Kickboard – Parent Student Portal Access

  1. By default, all default groups are selected. Unselect any groups for whom you do not want to print access letters.


The Replace existing codes with new ones checkbox will create new access codes for any groups selected and will disable previously generated access groups. Use this feature with caution and only in instances where you want to perform an account reset en masse (i.e. at the beginning of the school year).


  1. Click the Print Access Codes button. printbtn.png

Kickboard – Customize Your Letter Home

  1. Customize the access letter, if desired, and click Preview to see how the finished letter will look.
  2. Click the Finish & Print button. finish.png

Browser – Print Screen

  1. On the Print screen, ensure that Headers & Footers and Two-Sided Printing are disabled.


Your Print screen may look different. To disable Headers & Footers and Two-Sided Printing, visit your Internet Browser’s Help section.



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