IEP Goals: Creating a Course for Tracking IEP Goals

It usually makes the most sense to create a single mastery course for your students' IEP goals. A mastery course is a collection of skills, which, in this case, will be IEP goals. By grouping your students' IEP goals together in a single course, you can analyze your students' progress on a single screen, regardless of what grade they are in.

1. In the Settings menu, select Courses/Skills.

2. Complete the information in the resulting table. Enter the Grade that most of your students are in and name your course. In this example, we’re used "Caseload – (last name)". Select "Mastery" for Course Type.


 To add your students' IEP goals individually (recommended for initial training), click here.

To upload your students IEP goals (advanced users only), click here.

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