IEP Goals: Creating a Group for Your Caseload

To get started using Kickboard, you'll create Groups into which you'll organize your students.

A Group in Kickboard is just a group of students on your Roster. You can create groups for the classes you teach, students that are receiving after school tutoring, or other groups whose academic data you want to compare.

For SPED teachers tracking IEP goals, it makes most sense to create a single group called "Caseload".

Below the screencast are directions with text and screenshots.



1. Navigate to Students > Groups > click "Create a New Group".



2. Complete the form below. It's essential to check all of the boxes for the grades that the students in your caseload are in. If you don't check all the grades, you won't be able to assign your students into this group. Press "Add Group".



To move on to adding students, click here.

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