SIS Sync: How to Check if your SIS Sync is Running Properly

Student Information System (SIS) Sync
If you purchased an SIS sync, Kickboard will automatically update student information from that system. This section provides an overview of that process.
How to Check that your SIS Sync is Running Properly


Only Kickboard Admins who have access to all schools in an installation will be able to access the SIS Roster Sync page

Step 1: Navigate to the SIS Roster Sync page
Sign in to your Kickboard site
Go to Settings → SIS Roster Sync

Step 2: Check that the SIS status is active

If the status is not active, contact a Product Support Specialist to have it activated by emailing

If the sync has been paused, unpause it by clicking the green Resume button

Step 3: Check that the Student Roster File Name matches the file from your SIS
If the file name does not match, manually change the text of the file name next to Student Roster File Name on the SIS Roster Sync page to be identical to the file name from your Student Information System
Click Save at the bottom of the page

Step 4: Check the Log of Imports
Under Student Roster, click Log of Imports on the right.
Check when the last sync ran under the “Created On” and “Finished Running” columns



    1. NOTE



    1. Depending on your SIS Sync schedule, changes made to your Student Information System may take a few days to show up in Kickboard. If all of the above information is correct, but the information is not showing after 48 hours, email
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