Response To Intervention: Creating A Behavior Intervention Plan

Creating a Behavior Intervention Plan


1. Navigate to "Students->Intervention Plans"



2a. Select “Create New Intervention Plan.” Please note that the new intervention input section will appear at the bottom of the page. The application will not immediately scroll to that location at this point.




12.png3a. Enter a plan name.

3b. Select the grade and student for the intervention.

3c. Select a tier for the intervention

3d. If you want an additional staff member to have edit abilities for this intervention plan, select that staff member from the assigned staff dropdown. This field is optional

3e. Select “Behavior” from the plan specifics.









4a. Select the target behaviors you want to reduce or increase.

4b. Select the alternative behavior(s) you want students to demonstrate instead of the target behaviors.

4c. Select the range over which you want to calculate the points or dollars.

4d. Select the goal amount of merit points or dollars you want in the goal or type.

4e. Select the starting amount of demerit points or dollars you want the student to have each day or week, depending on the range selected.






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