Response To Intervention: Creating Mastery Intervention Plans

Creating a Mastery Intervention Plan


1. Navigate to "Students->Intervention Plans"



2. Select the “Create New Intervention Plan” button.




3.png3a. Enter a plan name.

3b. Select a tier for the intervention.

3c. Select the grade and student for the intervention.

3d. Select “Mastery” from the plan specifics.

3e. If you want an additional staff member to have edit abilities for this intervention plan, select that staff member from the "Assigned Staff" drop-down. This field is optional.








4.png4a. Select the course for your mastery goal.

4b. Select the Academic skill you wish to include in this intervention plan. You may only select one. You can also choose to assess a subskill of that skill.

4c. Enter the student’s starting mastery level for the intervention.

4d. Enter a goal mastery level for your student. This is the minimum mastery in the given standard/subskill that you would like your student to demonstrate by the end of the intervention plan. Please note that you should only enter the number; you do not need to include the percent sign.





5.png5a. Select an intervention to add to your intervention plan.

5b. Select a start date and an end date for the intervention.

5c. If you wish to add more than one intervention to this intervention plan, select “Add Additional Intervention”

5d. If you would like to add additional notes to the intervention plan, select “Intervention Notes”







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