Response To Intervention: Video & Overview


Kickboard's Response To Intervention (RTI) system enables educators to create and monitor individual learning and behavior intervention plans. The goal of Kickboard's RTI system is to provide a progress monitoring solution that is:

  • Based on quantitative data rather than qualitative observations.
  • Integrated with the teacher's existing work day and does not require extra data entry.
  • Able to provide real-time analysis of a student's achievement.




Frequently Used Terms in Kickboard's RTI System:


An intervention is a strategy to affect student outcomes. Interventions are incorporated into an intervention plan to help students meet their goals.

Intervention Plan

An intervention plan is a strategy to improve a student's behavioral or academic performance. It can include goals involving behaviors, growth, or mastery and can include multiple interventions.

Intervention Category

This is the type of intervention you are creating ­­ i.e. behavioral, academic, etc.

Mastery Intervention Plan

A mastery intervention plan is an intervention plan where the goal
is to increase student mastery around a single skill or subskill.

Growth Intervention Plan

A growth intervention plan is an intervention plan where the goal is to increase a student’s level in a growth course, i.e. moving a student from an 800 to 850 lexile level.

Behavior Intervention Plan

A behavior intervention plan is an intervention plan where the goal is for students to achieve a certain number of points / dollars based on a set of positive and negative behaviors.

Instance/Application of an Intervention

The words “instance” and “application” are used to indicate any time a teacher, interventionist, etc, executes an intervention with a child. E.g. if a child has small group instruction as an intervention and the interventionist meets with the child twice for small group instruction, that would count as two instances (or applications) of the interventions.

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