Early Warning Indicator: Off-Track Report

The Off-Track report allows you to see which students are currently off-track, that is, those who have been flagged with at least one early warning indicator.

Using the filters at the top of the report, you can view the off-track status of your entire school or narrow the report to a particular time range (i.e. Marking Period, Month, etc.), indicator (i.e. Math Mastery), grade, or group. Filtering the report will change the data displayed on the report, showing you the students in the selected grade/group that met the off-track criteria at the time of the selected end date.


 At the top of the report, you will see the following widgets, summarizing the off-track state of your school, or the selected grade/group:

  • Triggers History displays the number of students who are on- and off-track over time. A student is considered off-track if they have been flagged for at least one early warning indicator.
  • Grade Trigger Numbers displays the number of students, per grade, who are currently off-track for their early warning indicators.
  • Top 5 Triggers shows the top indicators where students are off-track.
  • Percentage Off-Track displays the total number of students that are current off-track for their early warning indicators.



Additionally, you will see the details of which students are off-track, for what reasons, and the date that they were marked off-track. Clicking a student’s name will bring you to their Student Profile, where you can view additional detail.


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