Early Warning Indicator: Schoolwide Dashboard

Once your Early Warning Indicator System has been configured, you will see a snapshot view of your school’s off-track status on the Schoolwide Dashboard, using the following widgets:

  • Triggers History displays the number of students who are on- and off-track over time. A student is considered off-track if they have been flagged for at least one early warning indicator.
  • Grade Trigger Numbers displays the number of students, per grade, who are currently off-track for their early warning indicators.
  • Top 5 Triggers shows the top indicators where students are off-track.
  • Percentage Off-Track displays the total number of students that are current off-track for their early warning indicators.



Visit the Off-Track Report next for a more detailed view and ability to filter down to a specific time-range, early warning indicator, grade, or group.

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