Quick tips before building a new report card set

To get started, go to Academics > Report Cards > Build New Report Card Set.  You will then be guided through each step one by one.


First step: Set Information

On this page, you’ll set the information that will appear on all report cards, such as your marking period, header and footer.  Click Next when you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Step 2: Academics

Here you will set up how you would like your academics to appear on your report cards.  You can choose how your grades will be displayed, GPA options, etc.  Once complete, Click Next!


Step 3: Behavior & Character

This section shows you options for displaying behavior and character data.  You can choose to display certain behaviors, weekly paycheck averages (only if you use your dollar system), or you skip this step altogether if you choose to not display behavioral data on your report cards.  Click Next and onward to step 4!


Step 4: Comments and Extras

Here is where you will choose which types of “extra data sets” you’d like to display.  An “extra data set” is the additional info that will be entered manually by teachers and admin after the report card set is built, such as teacher comments.  Click Next to get to the last step!


Step 5: Review & Confirm

Give your new Report Card Set a final glance to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  If you have and you’d like to make some edits, simply click on the area you’d like to edit in the thermometer bar, then click the Review & Confirm area in the thermometer bar.  When everything is as you’d like it, click Build New Report Card Set.  This will take up to a minute to process based on the size of your school.


Click here to learn how to review, edit and print your new report cards!

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