Dashboards: Understanding Percent of Skills Mastered

Skill mastery on the Dashboard is determined by an average of how many students mastered a particular skill for the time range specified, based on the course’s top grading scale (see course settings).  If the percentage of students that have mastered that skill is 80 or more, that skill will count as a ‘skill mastered’ for the course.

Using the screenshot below as an example, we can see that one of the four skills assessed for the 5th Math course was mastered by 80% of students (39/49 students) who were graded on that skill.  The other 3 skills had a percent of students who mastered the skill score below 80:



This translates to 1 out of 4 skills mastered for 5th Math on the Dashboard.  The thermometer bar correspondingly displays 1/4 or 25% of skills mastered for 5th Math for that assessment period:


Note:  The Skills Mastered threshold for Dashboards is currently fixed at 80 or higher.  A forthcoming release will allow this threshold to be customized per individual course settings.

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