Dashboards: Schoolwide Dashboard

The Schoolwide Dashboard is always up-to-date with the most current Culture and Assessment data because it updates in real time as behaviors and scorecards are added and edited. The default date range is the current culture week start day up to the current day. Change the dates to view the culture and academic data for a designated period. Your selected date range will be saved for the duration of your login session.

Each section may be closed and opened by clicking the arrow in the section header. You can change the order of the sections by hovering over the Section Order icon next to the Print button at the top of the page. 





The Culture section is broken up into multiple easy to analyze sections, and you get to choose which sections you’d like to view or hide:








The Behavior and Consequence Tallies are your opportunity to have some fun and customize the data you want to display:



When you Add a Tally:

Tallies_names.png    Tallies_conseq.png


The Academic section shows all academic data that has been added within the selected date range:



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