Student Transfer: Transferring a Student to your School

Transferring a Student to Your School
1.  Log on as KB Admin or School Admin

2.  Select “Transfers” from the “Students” menu

3.  Select filters to narrow down the list of withdrawn students to transfer in. By default, the system shows all students who were withdrawn in the current academic year. For students who withdrew in a previous year and are now returning to the district, select a previous year. See below for more information on the filter details.
4.  Select “enroll” next to the student you would like to enroll

5.  Select the school you would like to transfer the student to. By default, this is set to the currently selected school.


Users will only see schools that they have access to.

6.  Select the student’s grade. If the school you are attempting to enroll the student in supports their last grade, the dropdown will default to the student’s last grade. If the school you are trying to transfer the student into does NOT support the student’s last grade, the dropdown will default to the first supported grade at the school. Changing the grade is particularly useful if a student leaves when they are enrolled in one school type (e.g. elementary) and subsequently return later when they are in another school type (e.g. middle).

7.  Select a start date. Please note the start date can be today or in the past, so long as it falls in the current academic school year and is after the most recent end date.

8.  Select Save to process the transfer or cancel to go back and not make any changes.



Only withdrawn students can be transferred into a school. This prevents schools from accidentally grabbing an active student from a different school.

Transfer Filter Fields



First Name

Student’s First Name

Last Name

Student’s Last Name

External ID

Student’s External ID. Most often this is the ID assigned to the student by the SIS

Date of Birth

Student’s Date of Birth

School Year

The school year in which a student was last withdrawn

Withdrawn After

Minimum withdrawal date. Students who were withdrawn before this date will not be shown in the list.

Withdrawn Before

The maximum withdrawal date. Students who were withdrawn after this date will not be shown in the list.

Last School

The last school a student withdrew from. If you know a student is transferring from a specific school, this will make it much easier to find the student.


The last grade a student was enrolled in.

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