Student Transfer: Re-enrollment

Re-enrolling a Student

1. Log on as KB Admin or School Admin

2. Go to Students > Roster

3. Select the “Inactive” toggle to pull up a list of inactive students

4. Select the orange bar graph icon next to the student you would like to re-enroll

5. Select the grey Edit button in the Student Details header

6. Select the Active checkbox under Student Information for School Year

7. Select a start date.



Please note the start date can be today or in the past, so long as it falls in the current academic school year and is after the most recent end date.


8. Click Update Student



Reenrollment is only an option when the withdrawn student has not been enrolled in another school on your Kickboard installation and they withdrew during the current academic year. For all other withdrawn students, including those who withdrew from your school in a previous academic year and did not enroll in another school, you can transfer the student into your school using the transfer page.

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