Culture Banking: Tracking Bank Purchases

Tracking Bank Purchases


Now that you know how much your students have to spend, you can track the purchases they make using the Bank Purchase behaviors you created.


Bank Purchase behaviors are tracked for students the same way all behaviors in Kickboard are tracked:

  1. Go to Culture → Daily Activity

  2. Select the Group for which you want to record student purchases

  3. Select the student making the purchase

  4. If desired, type a comment about the purchase

  5. From the Select a Behavior dropdown, select the Bank Purchase behavior for the appropriate amount.



In order to match the exact amount spent by a student, you may need to use a combination of multiple Bank Purchase behaviors.  For example, if a student purchases an item for $85 and you do not have a Bank Purchase behavior in the amount of $85, you can assign the student a $50 purchase, $25 purchase, and $10 purchase to add up to the $85 total.

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