Culture Banking: Finding Bank Balances

Finding Bank Balances


Before you can start tracking student purchases, you must first figure out how much each of your students has available to spend.

A student’s spending balance is accessible in a few places throughout Kickboard:

  • Student Profile

  • Culture Leaderboard

  • Student Reports

 Below you will find instructions on accessing this spending using each method.


Student Profile

If you want to see the spending balance for one student at a time, the easiest way to do that is to go to the Student Profile page.


You can access an individual student’s profile from multiple places throughout Kickboard. The most common are:

  • Go to Students → Roster, then click the bar graph next to the student whose profile you want to see.

  • Go to Culture → Daily Activity, then click on the bar graph  next to the student whose profile you want to see.

Once you are on a Student Profile, you can find the student’s spending balance by scrolling down to the Behavior section. In the grey behavior summary box, look at the point or dollar value on the right labeled “yearlong total after bank purchases.” This number indicates the amount the student has left to spend.


Culture Leaderboard

To see the spending balances for multiple students on one screen, use the Culture Leaderboard. Be sure to set the filters as follows to see accurate balances:

  1. Go to Culture > Leaderboard

  2. In the black filter banner, click on the start date and select the first day of the school year. You can usually leave the end date as is (end of the current culture week) or change it to the current date.

  3. If desired, select a particular grade level and/or group of students.

  4. Change the metric from “Daily Average” to “Balance

  5. Click Filter Leaderboard


The column labeled “Bank Balance” will indicate the amount each student has left to spend.

 Don’t forget that you can sort this list alphabetically or by default group, just by clicking on the Last Name or Group column headers, respectively.  You can also print or export this leaderboard.

Student Reports

If you would like for each student to have a printed report showing their spending balance, you can do this by configuring and running Student Reports.

When creating a Student Report for the purpose of showing students their spending balance, you must include the Behavior List section and check off both “Paycheck Summary” and “Show total before and after bank purchase.”


When you run the report, that section of each student’s report will look like this:

Teach your students to look at the number on the right labeled “Yearlong Total After Bank Purchases.” This number indicates the amount the student has left to spend.



You can also see “Yearlong Total After Bank Purchases” on a Student Report by including the Culture Trends option under the Marking Period Details section.

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