Culture Banking: Culture Banking Overview

If your positive behavior incentive system incentivizes students to spend the dollars or points they earn in Kickboard (i.e., at your school store, during an auction or for field trips), then you need to activate the Points Banking System.


The Points Banking System allows you to create special Bank Purchase behaviors in varying amounts to represent student spending.  Bank Purchase behaviors deduct points from a student’s total point balance without those deductions affecting the student’s behavior totals and statistics in the way that regular negative behaviors do.  Bank Purchase behaviors are excluded from Daily & Weekly statistics, therefore a student’s daily or weekly average is not decreased by a purchasing a reward.  In the Points Banking System, students have two year long behavior point totals:

  • A cumulative balance that includes all deposits, positive additions and negative deductions, but does not include deductions from Bank Purchases.
  • A spending balance that equals their cumulative balance minus any Bank Purchases.  This number represents the remaining points the student has to spend.


We will guide you through detailed instructions in order to:

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