Courses/Skills: Default Course Settings

To customize your schoolwide Course Settings, go to Courses/Skills > Default Course Settings. The Grading Scales and Mastery Legend from this page will be used as the default for all courses unless they are over ridden with course specific settings


Grading Formula:

Mastery course grades can be computed using one of five different grading formulas: Category Weight by AssessmentCategory Weight By Standard, Average Skill Mastery, Most Recent Mastery and Points Possible.

Important things to note:

* The default grading formula when a new installation is created is Average Skill Mastery.

* The default course grading formula for a school is assigned to courses when they are created. If the default course grading formula is changed, existing courses will not be affected. In order to change an existing course grading formula the course settings must be edited. 

* Changing the grading formula immediately adjusts students' current overall grade for all marking periods/time ranges, not just the current marking period. Existing report card sets are not affected. Report cards must be regenerated if the course grading formula is to be applied to existing report card grades.

* Only those assessment categories which count and are active are included in course grade computations, regardless of the grading formula selected.

* Missing (null) assessments are omitted from calculations.  If a teacher would like missing assessments to count as zeros, they must score the assessment as a zero.

* If the default course grading formula is category weight, all categories will be weighted equally on initial course creation.  It is not possible to assign default category weights.




Grading Scales:

You can customize your Grading Scales from the preset A, B, C, D and F, to something that more closely matches your school's grading scales. For example, many schools use a four point scale as shown below:




Mastery Legends:

Mastery Legends are displayed in Academic Analysis, the Course Dashboard and the Student Snapshot. These color-coded thresholds allow for quick data analysis. You can customize Kickboard to have up to six mastery thresholds and change the value and color code for each threshold.





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