Culture Settings: Setting Up a Dollar System

 Follow these directions to create or edit your dollar system on the Culture Settings page:

1. Decide what you’ll call the total dollar amount. Will you refer to it as your students’ weekly paycheck? Scholar dollar report?
2. Setup the automatic deposit. You can choose to have an automatic deposit each day or once a week.  For example, you may want your students to receive $5 each day. Over the course of the week, they’ll gradually earn $25. Any behaviors they earn will either add or subtract from this total.



3. Choose the behavior total you’ll display on your Daily Activity Page. You can use the dropdown to choose the Daily, Weekly, or Yearly total dollar amount.




4. Select the day you'd like your Culture Week to begin.




5. Now you're ready to add the behaviors you'd like to track!  Go to Culture > Behaviors > Add Behavior. Click here for help.

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