Academic Analysis: Overview of each Analysis view

There are four ways that you can view your students' assessment data in Academic Analysis.  You can analyze by Multiple Skills, a Single Skill, Multiple Assessments or a Single Assessment.  



Analyze by Multiple Skills:  


Only in the Multiple Skills view, you can choose to show a Data Visualization Graph by clicking Show Visualization (beta). To hide it, click Hide Visualization: 





View overall mastery for every skill you have selected. Click "Show Details" to view Subskill mastery as well. 




Analyze by Single Skill:  Select only one skill and view all the assessments that assessed the selected skill.




Analyze by Multiple Assessments:  Select multiple assessments and view all of the skills tested on the selected assessments. 





Analyze by Single Assessment:  Select one assessment and view all of the skills tested on the selected assessment. 



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