Text Message Notifications

Staff with Kickboard Admin or School Admin permissions can subscribe to specific Consequence Rosters in order to receive text message notifications whenever students are added to those rosters, making real-time behavior intervention achievable.


Click here for ideas on how to use this feature in your school.


NOTE: At this time, teachers cannot add themselves to Consequence Roster Text Message Notifications. However, an Admin can enroll any staff member by going to Settings > Students and Staff > Staff > Edit and following steps 2-3 below.


Here’s how to get started: 

1. After logging in to Kickboard, navigate to My Profile in the Settings menu:


2. Enter your cell phone number, then click Save in the top right hand corner. After you are returned to the staff list, click the edit pencil for your name to re-open your profile. Click Send Test Message. When you receive the text, be sure to add the phone number to your phone's contacts list.


NOTE: All text messages from Kickboard will originate from this Louisiana number: 504-533-4390. This number is only able to send messages to you. No one at Kickboard will receive text messages or voice calls to this number. Your carrier’s standard messaging rates will apply.

3. On your profile page, in the center column under the Group Information section, you will see a new section called Notifications. Click the down arrow next to your school name to expand the list of active consequence rosters. Check the corresponding box next to each consequence roster for which you wish to receive text message alerts. Note that you will receive a text message for every student who is added to that roster, regardless of their grade level or default group. Don’t forget to click Save!


4. You’re all set! The next time a student is added to one of the consequence rosters you selected, you will receive a text message with the student’s first name, last initial, grade level, and consequence roster.


Once you start using the feature, you may want to create new text-message-worthy consequence rosters and triggers. Email support@kickboardforschools.com and we will help you set them up!

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