Consequences: Triggers Overview

Consequence Triggers

Kickboard Consequence Triggers make it easy to flag student choices in real time and gain transparency into each classroom. Triggers work like an if/then statement: IF a specific set of behaviors is recorded for a student, THEN that student is placed on a specific list, called a Consequence Roster.

When a student is triggered for a consequence, you will be alerted the following ways:

  • A colored flag will appear next to the student’s name on Daily Activity.

  • The students will also be added to a list called a consequence roster that allows you to see which students need to serve consequences on which days. Read this article for descriptions of the different types of consequence rosters.



Trigger Types

There are 3 basic trigger types: Automatic Behavior Triggers, Modular Behavior Triggers, and Point Total Triggers. Below are descriptions of each type along with examples.


Automatic Behavior Triggers

An Automatic Behavior Trigger will add a student to the associated consequence roster when one of the specified behaviors are assigned.


  •  Assigning the “Missing HW” behavior automatically puts the student on the Homework Club consequence roster.
  •  Assigning any behavior in the “Major Infraction” category automatically puts a student on the Office Referral consequence roster.


Modular Behavior Triggers

A Modular Behavior Trigger will automatically add students to the associated consequence roster when an exact number of pre-specified behaviors, points, or dollars are assigned to a student within a day or culture week.


  •  When a student loses $15 in a week from any behavior in the Deductions category, add them to the Lunch Detention consequence roster.
  •  When a student receives 3 instances of any behaviors in the Core Value category in a day, the student is put on the Shout Out roster.


Point Total Triggers

A Point Total Trigger will add students to the associated consequence roster based on their point or dollar balances at a particular time.


  •  For any student with a point total above 50 in a week (at 11pm on Thursday night, if the culture week starts on Friday), assign the Friday Reward consequence.
  •  For any student with a point total below 25 in a week (at 11pm on Sunday night, if the culture week starts on Monday), assign the On Notice consequence.

We recommended setting this kind of trigger to check balances at a specific time of the day or week. We can set the trigger to check balances at any hour on the hour.

This trigger is configured in conjunction with your school’s culture metric (i.e. the dollar or point balance you see for each student on Daily Activity).  For example, if your school’s culture metric is set to Weekly Dollars, the point total trigger will be looking at the student’s dollar balance for the current culture week.

(Not sure what your culture metric is? Go to Settings > Climate > Culture and scroll down to Culture Metric.)


How do I set up triggers for my school?

A Kickboard Support Specialist will have to help you create your triggers. You can reach out to us at, at (504) 327-5351, or by clicking this link to schedule a meeting at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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